Personnel exchange between national and supranational parliaments

Personnel exchange between national and supranational parliaments

We propose greater coordination and consultation between national parliaments and the European Parliament. An example is the possibility of regular meetings taking place in Brussels between all ministers for 'X' portfolio from every member state and their MEP counterparts to discuss issues at the EU level. This information would then be taken to the national level by ministers, helping a process of learning and increasing the availability of information.


I can remember that I have discussed this once at a Seminar on University, and a fellow Student brought the same question up. The thing is, that there is already enough connection between national and supranational levels, as Dominik already stated. What I mention, is that lots of competences between the two levels are not well defined. On the one hand, that is wanted, because of the additional possibility of action for both sides, on the other it slows down the process.

EP and CoEU already meet during ordinary legislative procedure and exchange ideas. This only adds extra bureaucracy and stress on the institutions that will only slow things down and achieve nothing. Also, it further mingles the national and supranational levels, going against the concept of subsidiarity.

This proposal materialised from the discussions in the second Politics and Institutions Roundtable at the Conference on the Redefinition of the European Mission.

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