"The Euro-Council" (national chamber concerned with implementing EU policy & regulation)

"The Euro-Council" (national chamber concerned with implementing EU policy & regulation)

"Brussels is too far away". In the past, when Kings were unable to rule their vast empires from far away, they would send governors and form local councils to implement their rule and policies in the different (cultural) regions. I suggest a (new domestically elected) parliamentary chamber on the national level that deals with implementing EU policy instead of national governments. This separates the supranational and national levels clearly and puts and end to scapegoating the EU.


Not only does this measure establish stronger subsidiarity with clear cut competencies on both levels, it also gives Brussels a face on the domestic level. The Euro Councilors will have clear tasks and be directly accountable to the national electorate, further increasing interest for EU politics.

This reform can be combined with a pan-European EP election (European lists, not national parties) and the transformation of the Commission into a European Government. The Euro Council would represent national interests on the European level, just not in Brussels, but at home. The European Parliament then serves all European people equally and contains the opposition to the EU government. The Council of Ministers can remain intact with decreased powers as a secondary oversight chamber.

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