A European quality label for education and training programmes

A European quality label for education and training programmes

In the 21st century education revolution, people are increasingly picking up new skills outside of formal systems (cf MOOCs, project learning etc). This more open, flexible, decentralized model could open up opportunities for millions, but Europeans need to know whether what they are learning has real, recognized value. My proposal is to create an official European label for all educational content that matches certain standards in quality/results, regardless of the particular form they take.


- A 'label' is better suited to the reality of education in the 21st century than a rigid 'curriculum' - It stimulates bottom-up innovation - It would help the extremely promising ed-tech sector (more recognition means a better return on investment, and therefore more investment) giving Europe a chance to become the world leader in that field - The policy could be made cost effective by using the same model as patent offices ie you would have to apply for the label and pay fees

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