A multilateral Green Investment Bank to finance the real economy and overcome the crisis.

A multilateral Green Investment Bank to finance the real economy and overcome the crisis.

The creation of a Green Investment Bank to channel private finance into the productive economy. As a multilateral bank, the members-states guarantee would lower the borrowing rates, and it could in turn lend money a lot cheaper to productive firms. “Green” innovation is likely to spur synergies between all economic sectors and self-aliment a (clean) growth virtuous circle. Ultimately, innovative and fast-growing firms are acknowledged to foster sound and durable jobs creation.


I think, that the science billion of EU was not enough (Blue Brain Project, Graphen,...), Science in General is at a tough moment, cause exponential growing of knowledge needs a way different funding system in general. It has to be easier for smaller companies to start with an idea, so that also normal citizens are able to bring their hobby skills to professional, as well as the EU need to put more effort in funding of basic science such as fusion power and robotic engineering.

We need a clearer and bolder signal than the mere EIB green bonds. A new prosperous techno-economic paradigm could be led by sustainable energy, circular economy..., and be backed up by the information and smart technologies appeared in the 1980s. To overcome the current recession, it would replicate the post-war “golden age” based on automobiles or electrical appliances, that leant on cheap oil and mass production techniques shaped 40 years before (e.g. with fordism born in the 1900’s).

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